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Brennan LRS-46 is a sniper rifle in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It’s a powerful but slow weapon.
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Its accuracy is increased at grade 5, but you need a blueprint to upgrade it. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the Brennan LRS-46 blueprint. If you need other schematics, take a look at our blueprints list.

You’ll get the chance to snag it during Mission 28: Code Talker. It’s in the mansion to the east of Lufwa Valley. You’ll find it on top of a cupboard in the library, in the western part of the house. At some point during the mission, you’ll be ambushed by Skulls, so it wouldn’t hurt to have some heavy weaponry on you when you deploy.

mgsv where to find brennan lrs-46 blueprint
Here’s a video detailing the route you could take to the library:

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  1. A

    quiet useful, thank you

    1. L

      Quite*(sorry for grammar nazi-ing)

      1. W
        Will C

        hes probably making a pun on quiet, because she uses this BP.

  2. Y

    been wandering for this recently….wow! i’m still at mission 16 lol

    1. R

      I need it FOR Mission 16! I want to develop the hardcore rifle for Quiet so I can easily take on the Skulls, but sadly it looks like I’m limited to waiting until at least Mission 23 to get it. Open world, my ass!

      1. I

        Yup same here. How annoying to know I’ve spent hours and hours looking for a weapon I can’t obtain yet.

        Mission 16 is a pain in the ass.

        1. D

          you can do mission 16 without fighting skulls,,,if that is the mission about extracting truck.

          Just sneak around quietly and extract the 3 vehicles dont make too many sounds. Quiet is not even needed.

          1. U

            Just use the d walker with a mini gun

      2. G

        I hopped into one of the two accompanying APCS/Tanks or brought my own and fought the skulls with that.

      3. T

        You can ran with your horse to the staring area as fast as you can the skulls will see you but the will go away from you for a limited time extract the truck then go on your horse and hope for the best * S-RANK

  3. D

    Does the blue print disappear if you have the chicken hat on?

    1. D

      It should still be there. All the chicken hat does is reduce your overall mission rank and make you look silly; it’s not supposed to alter what you can find or encounter in the mission.

    2. A

      No but it will not appear in free roam.

  4. A

    You can also get it at Mfinda oilfield (Africa) in mission 13 (PITCH DARK) or any sideop there such as search for the escaped children 01.

    1. T
      Thor kemmeth

      Where ? I have not been able to find it anywhere…

  5. S
    Shawn mcmahel

    Actually I did it but I don’t recommend this way first I had D-Horse near by, I used the steath camo and I Fulton extracted the armored vehicle, then quickly ran and Fulton extracted the truck then I was spotted I called D-Horse and sprinted out of the hot zone, I recommend the Item “PB Shield” and having armor for D-Horse and when u run away on D-Horse a big tip discovered of about 3 hours worth of rage/pissed off/swearing “DON’T RUN AWAY IN A STRAIGHT LINE, ZIG ZAG FROM WHERE THE SKULLS JUMP 2” When running away the PB shield will help block the shots they fire from behind you “KEEP SPAMMING THE X BUTTON” XD

    1. S
      Shawn mcmahel

      This was for mission 16

    2. N

      There’s a crawl space just after the trucks towards the runway under a fence. Fulton truck, under fence into a shipping container and Fulton out on top of the container. They will tell stories of that for a long time.

  6. B

    Snuck in before actually doing the mission. You can’t imagine how disappointed I am that it wasn’t there.

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