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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the biggest open world action-adventure game in The Metal Gear franchise. You’ll come across hundreds of collectibles such as Cassette Tapes and Memento Photos, numerous main missions and side quests to do and blueprints to collect.
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We’ve prepared detailed screenshot guides to help you find buddies and interpreters, build Mother Base and FOB, choose best strategies for multiplayer mode.

To help you find what you need more easily, we’ve compiled a list of all the guides and walkthroughs we’ve written. mgsv the phantom pain wiki guides
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  1. K

    so any chance for an update to include the other specialists ad the remaining 20 missions?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Yes, we’ll create guides for all missions and other specialists available in the game.

  2. E
    E Kramer

    The tape in mission 30 was playing when I found it ,maybe time for youth double check to see If I m correct ?

  3. H

    Flamethrower Blue Print can be Find in munoko na nikoya stasion in chapter two near the comm console

  4. H

    BULLHORN SG Blue print finded in a dispatch mission prevent the coup detat with the rank S with enemy power of 8200 you need 3 walker gear and Battle gear for able to show this dispatch mission you must first completed Battle Gear then complete 2 other S Rank Mission in you need walker gears and Battle Gear

  5. S

    Just wanna say thank you so much for everyone who contributed and helped for mission tasks/s ranks. Thank you guys!

  6. A
    Andrian Vidano

    Just FYI, you can get Flamethrower Bluepint while doing SideOps 46 – Prisoner Extraction 20.
    The location will differ each time, so you need to interrogate at least one enemy.

  7. C

    Guys,aftr finishing mission 24 i exist frm the game and aftr next day when i tryed to start the game but it didnt and it sayed “3dmgame.dll missing” .aftr that my whole save files has been deleted . What happened ?. Now i has to start in begins. . When it happened my buddy was quiet . Bt it was mission 24 not mission 29 or 42. What should i do? Help me

  8. S

    This guide is essentially useless, because 90% of the information is incorrect and many sections of the guide are unfinished. I learned more from the comments section than the actual guide. Please either update and correct the guide or delete the entire document, because this guide is incomplete. I usually see very well-written and comprehensive guides on gosunoob, so this is shocking to find one of such low quality.

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