Metal Gear Solid 5 Update Lets You Play FOB Missions as Quiet

There’s a new update out for Metal Gear Solid V. Nobody saw it coming, and yet, here it is. And it’s not just a quick content drop. The update actually allows you to play as Quiet in FOB missions, along with her special powers, such as the dash and cloaking.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Update Lets You Play FOB Missions as Quiet
Metal Gear Solid 5 Update Lets You Play FOB Missions as Quiet

Konami has released a new update for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, completely out of the blue. You would’ve thought that they’ve abandoned the game completely to work on Pro Evolution Soccer or some pachinko or something, but there you go, somebody is still working on MGSV. And, the new update has a very interesting and unexpected hook. According to the announcement on Konami’s website, the update lets you play as Quiet, your friendly neighborhood skin-breathing sniper. You won’t be able to change her head or uniform options. Her movement speed is pretty high, and she has a unique jump ability to vault onto platforms that you’d normally need ladders for. Her powers include a quick dash to close the gap between her and the enemy, and automatic cloaking if you stand still for a certain amount of time.

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Another thing that this update adds are new online development items. A few of those items include the Renov-Ickx bis Sniper Rifle (regular and non-lethal), the Dark Matter Generator (regular and Stun), and the Energy Wall. Last, but not least, the update brings a new difficulty level to Event FOBs. You can earn even more points by playing “Event FOB [HARD]”. There will be no retaliation in this mode, so you can basically do whatever you want with no repercussion. Kidnap staff members, pillage and plunder; no defending player will be able to invade you back to get their revenge.

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