Metro Exodus Getting Expansion Pass Featuring Two Story DLCs

The developers of Metro Exodus are going to be releasing even more content for the fans. At least, those that have purchased the edition that includes the Expansion Pass, or shell out $25 to purchase it separately. The Expansion Pass is going to contain two story DLCs, The Two Colonels and Sam’s Story. The first one is coming this summer, and the second in early 2020.

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Metro Exodus Getting Expansion Pass Featuring Two Story DLCs
Metro Exodus Getting Expansion Pass Featuring Two Story DLCs

If you just can’t get enough of Metro Exodus, we’ve got good news for you. The devs are cooking up an expansion pass for you, which will contain two story DLCs. These two DLCs are going to let you play through brand new chapters of Metro. Not only that, but you’ll get to experience it through the eyes of different protagonists. Instead of Artyom, you’ll be playing as one of the Spartan Rangers, and Sam, the only American on the Aurora. The expansion pass is going to cost you $25. Let’s get into some more details, shall we?

The first DLC, The Two Colonels, is coming out some time later in the Summer of 2019. In it, you’ll be playing as Colonel Khlebnikov, on his journey to Novosibirsk to his home and his son Kirill for New Year’s Eve. However, things in Novosibirsk turn out to be very dire. The slime is riding, the mutants are attacking ever more often, and radiation protection is running low. So, desperate times are going to call for desperate measures. The listing on the Epic Store promises a linear chapter, with claustrophobic environments and a new weapon – the flamethrower.

The second DLC, Sam’s Story, is slated to launch some time in early 2020. It’s going to follow Sam’s journey east, trying to get back to the USA. After learning that there are cities alive after the disaster, his hope to go back home was reawakened. So, he’ll take up the journey to the corpse of Vladivostok, and whatever awaits him there. So, this DLC is going to be more sandboxy.

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