Rage 2 Sales Not Doing Well Compared to Original

It would seem like Rage 2 is not doing so hot in the sales department. The game is not even doing as well as the first one, which already didn’t sell an astounding number of copies. The reasons behind it could be anything, really, but the bottom line is that this might jeopardize the future of the franchise.

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Rage 2 Sales Not Doing Well Compared to Original
Rage 2 Sales Not Doing Well Compared to Original

Now, the first Rage really didn’t do that well. The reviews were okay at best, it didn’t get much of a marketing push, and the general gaming populace didn’t really care much for it either. So, I admit, the fact that it got a sequel this year struck me as unusual. This time around, it got a marketing push (which, I admit, I feel was trying way too hard to be cool), the likes of ID and Avalanche were behind it. And, well, it got mixed reviews yet again, and it would seem that people still just aren’t that interested.

According to Eurogamer, at least when it comes to physical copies, Rage 2 has sold only about a quarter of the copies in the UK that the first Rage did in its first week. This is even more concerning when you factor in that Rage 2 came out on Tuesday, and the first one on Friday. Also, as the article points out, even if one generously assumes the number of sold digital copies, Rage 2 is still significantly below its predecessor. True, it has reached first place in UK sales charts. But still, this is not looking too good.

The numbers over at Steam Charts aren’t too rosy, either. According to them, the all-time peak in player numbers was 13,591. At the time of writing this article, the number of concurrent players stands at 2,840. That’s pretty rough. I don’t think that this is bodes very well for the future of the franchise. We’ll have to wait and see how the situation develops.

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  1. F
    Flavius PITARIU

    It doesn’t help that I’m waiting for the steam sale to buy it. I very rarely buy games on release. Not because I don’t trust them, I just can’t usually afford it. I gotta buy stuff for other games first

  2. D

    I think the problem lies in the fact that aside from some fun and addictive gameplay that we all expect from ID, the overall package is rather tepid. At the least one expects an open world game to have numerous hours of content outside of the main storyline, but in Rage 2 even 100% completion will take under 30 hours. It’s a surprisingly small and unambitious game that doesn’t really jibe with the marketing hype at all.

    1. J

      Yeah, I agree, that’s the nail on the head right there.

  3. R
    Rage 2 is a waste of money

    The game was not worth the price. 24 hours and I’m at nearly 100%? Wtf ID? Should have waited two months this game will be 29.99 because it’s so small. Sad!

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