Metro Exodus Guitar & Teddy Bear Locations - Friend of The Crew Trophy

Guitar and teddy bear are special items in Metro Exodus. They’re gifts for your crew mates which you can find in the Volga chapter. If you get them both, you’ll unlock the Friend of the Crew achievement. If you’re not into exploring every nook and cranny, you might easily miss them. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to show you the exact Metro Exodus guitar & teddy bear locations.

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Where to find guitar in Volga chapter?

The guitar is on the big central island. Go to the safe house in the west, then head southeast until you reach a scrap tower built on a power line. Use the stairs to get to penultimate level, then climb the yellow ladder to the top. Go outside, onto the balcony, and you’ll find the guitar propped against the railing.

metro exodus where to find guitar

Where to find teddy bear in Volga level?

The teddy bear is in the southeastern corner of the map. You’ll find it between the two safe houses, at the silos near the train tracks. Use the stairs to climb one of the lower silos, then use the catwalk to get to the higher one. Follow the stairs to the top, and you’ll see a nest in the middle of the roof. Approach it, and you’ll find the teddy bear on a suitcase in front of it.

metro exodus where to find teddy bear

You can try to find both of these items as soon as you reach this map. The order in which you collect them doesn’t matter, either. Once you’ve picked up both, a notification will pop up, telling you you’ve unlocked the Friend of the Crew achievement / trophy. We still don’t know whether this affects the game in the long run, by unlocking another ending or more options down the line, but we’ll update the guide when we find out.


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