Metro Exodus How to Kill Catfish - Fisherman Trophy

Giant catfish is a special enemy in Metro Exodus. You’ll encounter it during the Volga chapter, in the terminal. It’s so big that bullets can’t really harm it – you’ll have to get creative if you want to kill it. Luckily, someone’s already set a trap, and all you have to do is operate it. When you kill the Tzar fish, you’ll unlock the Fisherman achievement. If you have trouble wrapping your head around the trap and how it works, this guide will show you how to kill catfish in Metro Exodus.

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metro exodus how to kill catfish fisherman trophy
Metro Exodus How to Kill Catfish – Fisherman Trophy

How to kill giant fish in Volga chapter?

The giant fish will follow you around the level until you put an end to it. However, there’s a way to deal with it, but it involves springing a relatively elaborate trap, not shooting a gun. Go to the terminal section in the far east of the map, and head into the small control room next to the main entrance.

Once inside, turn towards the water and you’ll see a rope you can pull on the right, three taut ropes in front of you (holding dead bodies wrapped in tarps) and two levers on the left. Pull the rope on the right to ring the bell. This will alert the fish to your location. Wait for it to arrive – it will try to jump into the control room, but it’ll fall just a few feet short.

Cut at least one of the taut ropes to drop a body into the water. It doesn’t matter how many you drop, any number will work. The fish will be attracted to the body, and once it approaches and starts munching, pull the lever on the right to drop a bunch of rubble onto the monster. The achievement should pop up already, but if you wait a bit more the fish will lunge upwards and get into the control room, where it’ll breathe its last mere inches away from you.



  1. S

    Thanks for the tip, but I suggest you try and write the passage as spoiler-free as possible: remove the first and second bits about the fish attempting to lunge to you, instead of “dead bodies” say “bait”. Small things like that.

  2. A

    No need to drop the bait at all.
    I just rang the bell, then triggered the trap when I saw the catfish beneath.
    BTW, the sign in Russian near the lever says “do not press”.

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