Metro Exodus How to Scrap Weapons & Clean Guns

Scrapping weapons and cleaning guns in Metro Exodus are two important mechanics in the game. Scrapping weapons in Metro Exodus gives you crafting materials, which you always need. Cleaning Metro Exodus guns is necessary to keep your weapon reliable and in good shape. The trouble is that, if you’re playing on Ranger Hardcore difficulty, the game doesn’t tell you the button prompts for cleaning and scrapping weapons. That being the case, here’s our Metro Exodus How to Scrap Weapons & Clean Guns guide to explain how to clean and scrap weapons in the game, in case you’re playing on Ranger Hardcore difficulty and are having problems figuring out some of the controls.

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Metro Exodus How to Scrap Weapons & Clean Guns
Metro Exodus How to Scrap Weapons & Clean Guns

How to Scrap Weapons in Metro Exodus?

To scrap weapons in Metro Exodus, all you have to do is approach them and fulfill a specific button prompt. On PlayStation 4, it’s Circle, on PC it’s R, and on Xbox One it’s presumably B. The trick here is that you can’t simply press the button. Instead, you have to hold the button down for a couple of seconds while near the weapon you want to scrap. After a bit, you’ll get your materials.

how to scrap weapons metro exodus

If you’re playing on any difficulty lower than Hardcore Ranger (check out our Metro Exodus Difficulties guide for more info), the game will show you a button prompt, plus a handy meter, so you know how long you have to keep the button pressed. On Hardcore Ranger, things are way trickier, because there are no on-screen prompts. So, approach the weapon, keep it in view, and hold down the button on your respective platform until your character picks up the scrap material.

How to Clean Guns in Metro Exodus?

To clean guns in Metro Exodus, you’ll need access to a work bench. They unlock after you push far enough into the game, around Chapter 3. You can find the work benches in the safe houses, which are marked on the map as green houses, scattered all over the place for optimal accessibility.

how to clean weapons in metro exodus

Anyway, once you get to a workbench, access it, and switch the menu above to the gun icon. Cleaning the gun is going to be the first option. The game gives you a cleanliness meter on the left. The fuller it is, the cleaner the gun. You can also switch between guns here, too. To clean the gun, you have to press and hold Square on PlayStation 4, R on PC, and X on Xbox One. Hold the button until the gun is as clean as you want it, or you run out of cleaning supplies.

And, that’s how you clean guns and scrap weapons in Metro Exodus. In case you need help with anything else in the game, check out our other Metro Exodus guides, including Postcard Locations – Where to Find Collectibles, How Long to Beat – Main Story, Side Quests, and Upgrade Locations – Artyom’s Suit & Gear Upgrades.

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