Metro Exodus How to Fix Broken Gas Mask - Martian Trophy

Repairing your gas mask in Metro Exodus is one of the most important mechanics of the game. Fixing the gas mask is even tied to a trophy called Martian. A broken gas mask usually means you’re gonna die real fast. There are several ways that you can do this. The game let’s you know whenever your Metro Exodus gas mask needs fixing on the go, even giving you a button prompt. This can be a problem if you’re playing on Ranger Hardcore difficulty, as the game gives you no button prompts if you select it. With that in mind, here’s our Metro Exodus How to Fix Broken Gas Mask – Martian Trophy guide will show you the different ways you can fix your gas mask in the game, as well as how to get the Martian achievement / trophy.

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Metro Exodus How to Fix Broken Gas Mask - Martian Trophy
Metro Exodus How to Fix Broken Gas Mask – Martian Trophy

How to Repair Gas Mask in Metro Exodus?

To repair you gas mask in Metro Exodus, there are two things you can do: fix it at a work bench, or patch it up on the go. First off, let’s cover the work bench method. Work benches can be found all across the map, in the safe houses. Their mark on the map is the green house. You can also clean your guns at work benches. For more on that, check out our How to Scrap Weapons & Clean Guns guide.

how to repair gas mask metro exodus

Once at the work bench, switch the slider at the top of the screen to the vest icon, to the right of the Guns section. Repairing the gas mask is the first option you get, and there’s even a handy repair bar on the left side of the screen. All you have to do is press and hold Square on PlayStation 4, R on PC, or X on Xbox One and watch that meter go up.

That’s all well and good, but what is one to do if the gas mask is damaged when your far away from any work benches? Let’s talk about that.

How to Fix Metro Exodus Broken Gas Mask & Get Martian Trophy / Achievement?

To fix your gas mask in Metro Exodus on the go, and earn the Martian trophy, all you have to do is complete a button prompt. See, if someone damages your gas mask, you’ll start dying really fast. So, it’s imperative that you fix it immediately. Now, the game gives you a button prompt, that’s true. The trouble is that, if you’re playing on Ranger Hardcore difficulty, there are no button prompts. In other words, you’re as good as dead.

Fear not, because we’re here to help. On PlayStation 4, you have to press L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox One, and G or LB on PC. You don’t have to hold the button, it’s enough to press it. After you do that, your character will take a piece of duct tape and patch the mask. A few seconds after you do this for the first time, the Martian trophy / achievement should pop up.

That’s how you fix your gas mask in Metro Exodus. If you need help with anything else, check out some of our other guides, including Postcard Locations – Where to Find Collectibles, How Long to Beat – Main Story, Side Quests, and How to Kill Catfish – Fisherman Trophy.

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