Metro Exodus Saul - Kill or Spare Thug on Roof in Caspian Sea

Kill or spare Saul is one of the choices you’ll have to make in Metro Exodus. Whether you spare or kill Saul in Metro Exodus is a pretty important decision, and might even influence whether you get the good or bad ending. The problem is that the game doesn’t tell you who Saul is, or that he’s important. You don’t find out anything about him until after your encounter. So, here’s our Metro Exodus Saul – Kill or Spare Thug on Roof guide to hopefully help you make the choice.

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Metro Exodus Saul Kill or Spare Thug on Roof in Caspian Sea
Metro Exodus Saul – Kill or Spare Thug on Roof in Caspian Sea

Who is Saul in Metro Exodus Caspian Desert?

Saul is a huge thug in Metro Exodus that attacks you on the roof of the base in the Caspian Sea. This happens during the very first mission. When you battle your way up to the roof, Saul is going to jump you from above, and basically throw you across the whole roof. He then comes at you with an ax.

Now, the game doesn’t give Saul a name. His dialogue denotes him as simply “Thug”. Only later do you find out that this character is of any consequence. When he attacks you, if you perform the quicktime prompts fast enough, you’ll get the upper hand on him. The game will then present you with a choice: knock Saul out, or outright kill him. And, let’s be honest, the temptation to get rid of him is pretty strong. But, should you kill Saul?

Kill or Spare Saul in Metro Exodus?

Whether you kill or spare Saul in Metro Exodus is going to depend on how you want to play your Artyom. Do you want to play as a bloodthirsty raider, or as a more sympathetic, humane character? That really is up to you. Now, that said, this is one of the choices that can affect whether you get the best ending or not. So, what should you do?

kill or spare saul in metro exodus caspian sea

Now, I’m not going to go into spoilers here, so this is going to sound unfounded, so you’re gonna have to trust me on this one: don’t kill Saul. This increases your chances to get the good ending. At the very least, it’s going to wrap up the Caspian Desert in an arguably more satisfying way. In the end, of course, this is your decision to make.

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    Merek Schiller

    So if I punched Saul instead of stabbing him, that doesn’t kill him right? Because I’m trying to get the good ending on my second playthrough.

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