Anthem How to Redeem Faction Loyalty Rewards

Faction loyalty rewards are items you’ll receive for leveling up your faction reputation in Anthem. They include crafting blueprints, paint jobs and wear states. When you’ve gained enough faction reputation, you’ll get a whole bunch of them. People are beginning to earn these items, but are having trouble finding them. This guide will show you how to redeem faction loyalty rewards in Anthem.

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anthem how to redeem faction loyalty rewards
Anthem How to Redeem Faction Loyalty Rewards

Where to find faction reward blueprints?

Once you’ve reached a new level in any faction’s reputation, you’ll get a bunch of rewards. They’re going to be added to your inventory automatically. If you’re having trouble finding them, that’s because of the game’s horrendous design.

Sigils are the consumables you can use before every match. Their blueprints will be accessible from the mission select screen (the rightmost tab). The components can be crafted by going into the forge, then selecting the appropriate slot, then switching to the crafting tab. These are pretty straightforward, but some people have reported the blueprints failing to materialize. There might be some kind of bug here – it would explain a lot.

How to change javelin color?

The colors are where the true problems begin. When you navigate to the appearance screen of the forge, you’ll see a list of color slots you can change. Clicking on the big, shiny button on each slot will lead you to screen that lets you select from a bunch of materials. You’ll notice the paintjobs you’ve unlocked aren’t appearing here. That’s because they don’t belong there.

When looking to change color, you should click on the tiny icon on the right instead. Depending on the slot, it will either lead you to a full pallete, or a screen where you can choose between the handful of metalic colors you’ve unlocked. Since the starting colors are all shades of gray and brown, everything in the menu looks the same, and you might never notice the small button on the right.

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