Metro Exodus Where to Find Mom's Picture for Guil - Caspian Chapter

Guil’s mother’s picture in Metro Exodus is a story-related object that you can find. It’s not necessary to find, but it does play into how you want to role play Artyom. Specifically, if you want to play as the good, compassionate guy, you might want to have mom’s picture for Guil in Metro Exodus. If that’s how you want to play it, here’s our Metro Exodus Where to Find Mom’s Picture for Guil guide to show you the exact location of Guil’s mom’s picture.

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Metro Exodus Where to Find Mom's Picture for Guil - Caspian Chapter
Metro Exodus Where to Find Mom’s Picture for Guil – Caspian Chapter

Mother’s Picture Location in Metro Exodus Caspian Chapter – Where to Find?

To find the picture of Guil’s mother, you’ll have to check one of the side rooms in the bunker. As you explore the bunker that Guil’s taken you to, you’ll eventually reach the lower levels. Pushing on, you’re going to come across a huge room full of computers, with an equally huge map on one of the walls. It kinda looks like that NASA room that they monitor the launches from.

Go through the doorway to the right of the giant map, and follow the corridor to the left until you hit the dead end. From here, go into the bathroom on the right. Mind the gargantuan scorpions spiderbugs. Walk through the bathroom to the other side. Follow the corridor and approach the large double doors. Instead of going there, go through the semi-buried doorway on the right.

You’ll now be in a room with a mountain of filing cabinets on the left wall. Go through the door in the far left corner. You’ll find yourself in a tiny office, with a corpse of a woman sitting at the desk and clutching something. Approach the corpse, and the game will prompt you to interact with it. After a brief cutscene, you’ll have the picture Guil asked for. Don’t worry, there won’t be any jumpscares or anything; it’s just a really morose scene. Feel free to be on your way.

So, that’s how you find Guil’s mother’s picture in Metro Exodus. If there’s something else bothering you, you can look up some of our other Metro Exodus guides, including How to Reach Oasis with Bucket Lift – Roller Coaster Trophy, Taiga Dam Door – How to Turn On Generator, and How to Kill Demon with Fire – Firebird Trophy.

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