Metro Exodus Taiga Dam Door Gas Can Location - How to Turn On Generator

The dam door in the Taiga chapter of Metro Exodus is a small puzzle that you have to solve. To open the door, you first have divert power to it. How does one do that? By turning on the generator that’s near the dam door. But even then, you need fuel for the generator to run. It’s a minor puzzle, but it can pose a bit of a problem, especially if you don’t know the gas can location. Our Metro Exodus Taiga Dam Door Gas Can Location – How to Turn On Generator guide is going to show you how to open that huge metal door, and where to find the gas to turn on the generator.

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Metro Exodus Taiga Dam Door How to Turn On Generator
Metro Exodus Taiga Dam Door – How to Turn On Generator

How to Open Dam Door & Turn on Generator in Metro Exodus Taiga Chapter – Gas Can Location

To open the huge metal door of the dam in the Taiga chapter of Metro Exodus, you have to activate the generator. You can flip the switch of the door as much as you want, but it ain’t gonna work. This puzzle is kinda similar to the one that unlocks the Battery Charge Controller. The generator is inside a small room on the lower level. The problem there is that the generator doesn’t have any gas. So, where is one to find the gas can location?

You’d think that the answer is right there in front of you, at the generator, as there’s a gas can next to it. Well, things can never be that easy; as it turns out, that gas can is empty. Instead, what you have to do is go back to the door that you’re trying to open. Look around it, on the left, and you’ll spot the gas can location on the floor nearby. So, pick it up, go down to the generator, and fuel it up. Once the generator’s on, head back up the stairs to the door, and flip the switch on the right. Proceed further at your leisure.

So, that’s how you open the dam door in the Taiga chapter of Metro Exodus. Feel free to browse some of our other guides for Metro Exodus, including How to Kill Demon with Fire – Firebird Trophy, Upgrade Locations – Artyom’s Suit & Gear Upgrades, and How to Detach Train Cars in Moscow – Brakeman Trophy. You know, just in case something else is causing you headaches.

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