Middle-Earth Shadow of War Comes With Microtransactions & Loot Chests

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will come with microtransactions, featuring loot and war chests, XP boosts, and bundles. These items will be available for purchase for both in-game currency and real-life money.

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ME Shadow of War Comes with Micro-Transactions Featuring Loot Chests and More
Middle-Earth Shadow of War Comes With Microtransactions & Loot Chests

The information regarding the new system was shared on the Warner Bros blog, in a post by Monolith Productions community specialist. According to the same post, no content in the game is gated by using real-life money in-game items. In other words, you’ll be able to get everything with enough grinding.

Acquiring items that allow you to customize and forge your army, level up faster, etc, will happen in the Market. The Market, or the in-game store, offers items like loot chests, war chests, XP boosts and bundles. Bundles are the only items that require an internet connection. It feels like their content drop is RNG-based, meaning you’ll likely need way more than a few to get all the items.

  • Loot Chests contain Gear (weapons and armor) of varying rarity. Equipping and upgrading these weapons and armor enhance Talion’s character abilities. Loot Chests can also contain XP Boosts.
  • War Chests provide Orc followers of varying rarity to help forge a strong army. They can also contain Training Orders to level up and customize Orc followers.
  • XP Boosts are consumables that help level up Talion faster.
  • Bundles package up Loot Chests, War Chests and Boosts together at a great value.

These items can be acquired with two types of currency, Mirian or Gold. Gold is the one you can spend your real life money on, while Mirian is acquired entirely by playing the game.

Mirian is acquired byGold can be acquired by
  • Defeating Treasure Orcs
  • Destroying Gear for Mirian
  • Destroying Orc followers for Gear (which can be destroyed for Mirian)
  • Finding Mirian stashes throughout the game
  • Purchasing through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, or by adding to your Steam Wallet using real money.
  • Awarded in small amounts at specific milestones.
  • Awarded for participating in community challenges.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, an open-world action RPG, comes out on October 10th, 2017. The price tag for the standard edition is $60, while you can spend a bit more one a Silver edition for $80, or Gold edition for $100. If you feel like you can do even better, there is the gold in-game currency and all those boxes.

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