Destiny 2 Imported Characters Won't Have Customization Options

Bungie is going through with their promise that imported Guardians from Destiny 1 will look the same as you made them. So much so, that you won’t be able to customize the character that you carry over from the first game. If you were hoping to keep working on your character’s appearance in the sequel, well, you’re out of luck. If you’re not too attached to your Destiny 1 Guardian, you might as well just start afresh.

Destiny 2 Imported Characters Won't Have Customization Options
Destiny 2 Imported Characters Won’t Have Customization Options

Destiny 2, at least on consoles, is only a month away. The Destiny 2 PC Beta is coming along in about three weeks. In short, the end of August and beginning of September will be all about Destiny 2, it seems. This is as good a moment as any to bring you some disappointing news!

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According to an article about account and character migration in’s help section, players won’t be able to customize the physical appearance of Guardians they import from Destiny 1. Or, rather, there’s “currently no plan” to let you do so:

Q: Will players be able to edit their migrated Character’s customization options in Destiny 2?

A: No. There is currently no plan to allow players to edit the customization options of an imported Character.

Now, this is only bad news if you’re fond of your Guardian, and wanted to evolve them further in the new game. If you’re fine the way your character looks like, then you’ll be fine. Those that are on the fence about whether or not they should stick with their old character or not should probably just start anew, considering how little actually carries over from the first game (for more info on that, check out our Bungie Reveals Which Accomplishments Carry Over to Destiny 2 article). That way, you’ll have full access to everything the sequel has to offer.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6th for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and on October 24th on PC.

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