Monster Hunter Rise Icium Locations in Frost Islands

Icium is a special material you will need for creating new weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Icium is used for creating ice weapons. It’s, therefore, not surprising that it can be found only in frozen lands of Frost Islands map. It is a mining deposit found in the north of the map that looks like a crystal with a blue-ish shine around it. In this article we’ll show you a map of all Icium node locations in Frost Islands.

Monster Hunter Rise Icium locations in Frost Islands

Monster Hunter Rise Icium locations

The best way to locate Icium in Monster Hunter Rise is to open the Monster Hunter Rise detailed map and then select Materials 2 tab. Among those choose white Mining Outcrops. These can drop three different materials. Chance of getting Icium in them is higher than with blue mining outcrops. The map shows the exact location of the Icium mining nodes, but to actually get to them you will have to scale the cliffs or follow paths. Only then will you reach the mining outcrops. If you are having difficulty remember that you can use the new wiredash ability to wall run or reach high spots.

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icium locations frost lands
More accessible white mining outcrops can be found in caves of regions 11 and 12.

Frost Islands has two levels. Near the numbers 11 and 12 there is a huge cave. You can enter it from regions 6 and 10. It also holds mining outcrops that can drop Icium. Make sure you check those out as well because they are easier to reach. Blue mining outcrops also have a chance to drop Icium although it is lower. While you are mining you might want to visit these as well.

icium locations frost lands blue mining outcrops
Blue mining outcrops have a lower chance of spawning rare materials, but easier to reach.
Second level of Frost Islands holds some mining outcrops in the caves
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