Monster Hunter Rise Change Character Appearance - Hairstyle, Makeup, Clothing, Voice

Changing your character appearance in Monster Hunter Rise, which can include the hairstyle, makeup, voice, and more, is just one of the mechanics in the game. Basically, it lets you re-edit your character, if you’re unhappy with any aspect of their looks. Maybe you made a character with green hair, and want to change it to purple or something. So, in our Monster Hunter Rise Change Character Appearance – Hairstyle, Makeup, Clothing, Voice guide, we’ll show you how to change your character’s looks and voice, as well as whether you can change your Palico’s appearance.

monster hunter rise change character appearance hairstyle makeup clothing voice
Monster Hunter Rise Change Character Appearance – Hairstyle, Makeup, Clothing, Voice

How to Change Character Hairstyle and Appearance in Monster Hunter Rise?

To change your character’s appearance in Monster Hunter Rise, such as your hairstyle and the like, you have to interact with the Item Box in Kamura Village. More specifically, you’ll find it next to Hinoa. You can check out the image above to see what it looks like. Anyways, interact with the Item Box, then scroll down to the “Appearance Settings” option. From there, you can change your character’s appearance more or less freely. Don’t forget to save the changes that you’ve made when you’re done. You can go through this process as many times as you want, which is pretty neat.

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Can You Change Palico Cat Appearance and Support Type in Monster Hunter Rise?

No, you cannot change the appearance or support type of the Palico you make at the beginning of Monster Hunter Rise. By that I mean, you can change its armor and whatnot, but not the hair color and such. However, what you can do is basically rent out a Palico (or Palamute) at the Buddy Plaza. In one of the facilities there, you can get whatever kind of Palico you want. The game even lets you narrow down your preferences. For more details, check out our Palico Best Support Type – Can You Change it Later guide. If you need further assistance, you can check out our other guides, like Deluxe Edition Items, Machalite Ore Locations, and more.

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    you can not change your voice

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    You absolutely can change your Palico and your Palamute at the beginning. It is actually the first thing you do directly after your character. And yes, you can change your voice during your character creation. You pick the pitch “Low, Medium or High” and Type 1 thru whatever number available. Maybe they don’t change his actual cuisine voice, but it is an option at least for action sounds.

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