Monster Hunter Rise Monster Broth

Monster Broth in MH Rise is a crafting material that you need to craft a number of different weapons and armor. So, there’s a lot of players wondering how to get Monster Broth. As it turns out, there seems to be only one source of Monster Broth in MHR. We’re gonna show you how to get the resource in our Monster Hunter Rise Monster Broth guide.

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monster hunter rise monster broth
Monster Hunter Rise Monster Broth

Where to Find Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise

To find MH Rise Monster Broth, you need to hunt and harvest Bnahabra. They are giant insects that spawn in the north of Shrine Ruins map (on high rank missions, as far as we can tell). They spawn around numbers 11 and 12, although, we even found them near number 9 once, too. However, number 11 has been our most reliable source of Bnahabra. So, head over there, find the bugs, and exterminate them. Harvest their bodies and hope that they drop some Monster Broth. The issue is that the drop rate is relatively low, so you’ll have to go on a lot of bug hunts.

Fortunately for those of you that are after Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise, Bnahabra drop in just a few hits, so the farming process isn’t too arduous. However, you will have to grind, and there’s no helping that. By the way, you need the Broth for several different crafting recipes. For example, you need it for the Chillblade II. It’s also one of the components in a number of armor pieces and sets, including the Bnahabra S Set.

So, that’s how you get the MH Rise Monster Broth. In case you’ve found other places and methods to obtain it, by all means, leave them in the comments. Considering that the Broth is a relatively often-used material, we’ll all be grateful to know where it can be farmed. If you need info on anything else in the game, check out some of our other guides. Among others, we’ve written about Sinister Cloth, Stargazer Flowers, Sturdy Bone, and more.

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