Sturdy Bone Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Sturdy Bone is a crafting material in the game that is a necessary component in a number of recipes for both weapons and armor. The issue is that MHR Sturdy Bone is not a plentiful resource; it only ever spawns one one map, and even then, only in specific locations. On top of that, it’s not a guaranteed drop. All that being the case, we’ll try and clear things up in our MH Rise Sturdy Bone guide.

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sturdy bone monster hunter rise
Sturdy Bone Monster Hunter Rise

Where to Find Monster Hunter Rise Sturdy Bone

To find Sturdy Bone in MHR, you need to search the Bonepiles in the Lava Caverns map. As you can see in the screenshots below, there are about five or so Bonepiles scattered across the place. They are near numbers 2, 5, 8, 10, and between 8 and 10. Unfortunately, the piles won’t always drop MH Rise Sturdy Bone. They can also drop Monster Bone S and Dragonhusk Shards. So, you can count on about two or three Sturdy Bones per run. Depending on what you need the Sturdy Bones for, you might need to make several circles around these Bonepiles to get what you need.

Speaking of, you might be wondering what the Monster Hunter Rise Sturdy Bone is actually for. Well, as far as we could see, it is a necessary component in several weapon and armor recipes. When it comes to weapons, you’ll need it to make things like Deadly Serpent Blade I, Bone Buster, Serrated Maw, and Wind Thief Scimitar II. As far as armor goes, Sturdy Bone is required for the Death Stench, Goss Harag, Jaggi Mask, Melahoa, Remobra, and Rhopessa sets.

So, that’s where you can find Sturdy Bones in Monster Hunter Rise, and what you can use them for. In case you need further assistance with the game, we’ve got a bunch of other guides that you might find useful. For example, we’ve written articles like High Quality Pelt, Fire Herb, Kamura Tickets, and many more.

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