How to Mount Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise allows you to ride monsters during a hunt. Mounting isn’t like it used to be – you can actually control them when mounted, choose where they go and make them attack or hurt themselves. There are several ways to mount a wyvern, and since it’s a new mechanic, a number of players are struggling with it. This guide will show you how to mount monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, so you can take advantage of this new system.

how to mount monsters monster hunter rise
How to Mount Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

How to ride monsters?

In order to mount a monster, you must first get it into a rideable state. There are two ways to go about this – either by exhausting it with special attacks, or by using particular endemic life. The endemic life route is easier, but it depends on whether you can find the specific critter. The critter is called a Puppet Spider. All you have to do is throw it at the monster, and the game will prompt you to mount it.

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If you’re not in luck and can’t find Puppet Spiders nearby, you’ll have to use the Wirebug. To get the monster in a mountable state, you’ll have to attack it using Silkbind attacks – if the damage numbers have blue backgrounds, you’re on the right track. Falling attacks also count, probably since you have to use a wirebug to get up in the air in almost all cases.

Lastly, attacks from a mounted monster also count. So if you mount one monster, then attack the other one, chances are you might be able to mount the second one as well, if you’re lucky.

If your target enters a turf war with another monster, you should let them smack each other around. One of them will end up mountable with no input from your side – usually the weaker one. You can use the Wirebugs to control it then, and deal damage to the other monster – if you’re lucky, you’ll do enough damage and be able to mount that one as well.

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