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Fungal Frustrations is a quest in Monster Hunter Rise that requires you to find Unique Mushrooms. You’ll need to find eight unique mushrooms and they can all be picked up in the first Monster Hunter Rise map Shrine Ruins. Quests objectives are usually marked on the map as green circles. It can still be hard to find them because you have to scale various paths to reach these mushrooms. Each mushroom node will provide you with two unique mushrooms. We’ll show you where all unique mushrooms for the Fungal Frustrations quest are in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Unique Mushrooms Fungal Frustrations Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Unique Mushrooms Locations

Unique Mushrooms are harvested from Mushroom Colony nodes found in the special items section of the detailed game map. If you do not have the green quest markers you can select mushroom colony nodes to see the locations you need. Each mushroom colony will drop two unique mushrooms while you do this quest. Most of them are located in the center of the Shrine Ruins map. You can reach the high ground by taking the path left as you go from points 7 to point 8 of the map as seen on the screenshot bellow. Each node will give you 2 unique mushrooms so you can loot just 4 mushroom colonies. This will help complete Fungal Frustrations.

Fungal Frustrations unique mushrooms monster hunter rise

Remember to use your Wiredash if you can’t reach the cliffs with regular jumps and paths. To wiredash hold ZL and then press X to move vertically, press A to move forward or press ZR to move where you are aiming. The confusing thing about his is that at the beginning you can have multiple side quests active on the Shrine Ruins map. The game marks all these quest objectives as green circles and you might not find unique mushrooms at the marked location. That is why the best way to search for them is to search for mushroom colonies. Better yet, use the screenshot of the map we provided above :).

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