Monster Hunter World Bomb Beetle Location - How to get explosives bug

Bomb Beetle is a rare insect in Monster Hunter World. It’s a bug that rolls around explosive materials into balls – like a dung beetle, but with explosives instead of faeces. You’ll need to catch one as a favor to the Endemic Life Researcher. Like most other insects, they’re really tiny, and can be found in dangerous areas, so it’s understandable that people are having troubles with them. This guide is going to help you by showing some Monster Hunter World bomb beetle locations.

monster hunter world bomb beetle locations
Monster Hunter World Bomb Beetle Location – How to get explosives bug

How to get bomb beetle in MHW?

The species in endemic to Elder’s Recess, the final area of the game. The researcher will give you a hint about the bug’s preferences – it appears to like spending time near the gigantic Uragaan, since it can scavenge the leftover pieces of rock. In the end, we finally found a bunch of them in sector 6, on lower floor. We’re guessing they can be found in any place where the Uragaan stops to feed.

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The bomb beetle has a golden brown carpace, so it should be easy to spot in the grey wastes of the Elder’s Recess. It’s especially easy to find when it’s rolling its explosive payload, which is a grey ball with glowing red veins on it.

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