Monster Hunter World Platinumfish Location - How to catch Platinum Fish

Platinumfish is one of the rarest types of aquatic animal in Monster Hunter World. It’s quite possible that your first encounter with the species will take place when the grizzled fisherman pulls you to the side and asks you to catch one. Without telling you where to find it. It can be a pretty frustrating affair, and we hope we can help you catch a platinum fish with out Monster Hunter World platinumfish location guide.

monster hunter world platinumfish locations
Monster Hunter World Platinumfish Location – How to catch Platinum Fish

Where to find platinum fish in MHW?

After you meet with the Piscine Researcher at Elder’s Recess, travel to sector 8 of the area. The platinumfish can be caught in the crystal-enaces pond next to the camp there, in the eastern part of the sector. If you use Fake Fodder, you’ll notice one fish is always running away from you, instead of heading towards the hook/sinker. That’s the platinum fish. In order to catch it, you’ll need to use proper bait instead of Fake Fodder – we used a Bait Bug.

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We suggest you clear out the less important kinds with Fake Fodder – the Goldenfish, Gunpowderfish, Pink Parexuses and such. Once you’re left with only the stubborn one, switch to the more expensive kind of bait and catch it.

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  1. S

    This information is inaccurate. I just caught a platinum fish with the fake fodder.

  2. R

    I have determined the platinum fish will come with any bait if you don’t move or shake the bait after casting, but its still helps to clear out the other fish.

  3. A

    Thanks for the help

  4. V

    Area 7 with Fake Fodder. For the life of me could not find any sort of fishing spot in Area 8.

    1. C

      The fishing spot in 8 is in the camp.

    2. H

      Yeah, I thought the fishing spot was somewhere in 8, outside of the camp. But it is literally in 8’s campsite. There’s three little ponds right there. I found the platinum-fish on the one all the way to the left.

  5. R

    Lol I catches this using the net staying behind the tent in section 8

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