Monster Hunter World Gunpowderfish Locations

Gunpowderfish is one of the many water-based lifeforms in Monster Hunter World. It lives in cave ponds across the world, and you’ll have to catch it during the Piscine Researcher quest chain. Since it can be difficult to find, we’re going to help you by listing some Monster Hunter World gunpowderfish locations.

monster hunter world gunpowderfish locations
Monster Hunter World Gunpowderfish Locations

Where to find gunpowderfish in Monster Hunter World?

We’ve found several gunpowderfish in a pond hidden in the depts of the Rotten Vale. The pond is on the second floor, in the eastern part of sector 9. You’ll recognize it by the waterfall cascading down from the rocks. Cast the line under the waterfall and wait for the fish to bite. If you don’t catch one before you’ve exhausted the pond, teleport back to Astera, then return to Rotten Vale. The pond will be restocked with new fish, and some of them may be the kind you’re hunting.

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Once you’ve got it, return to the provision center in the hub and talk to the manager there. You’ll receive your rewards promptly – a few hundred research points, and one of those quaint little prints you can exchange for more exciting stuff at certain places.

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