Monster Hunter World Event Quest Issues Causing Problems

Event quests in Monster Hunter World have been experiencing some issues. A number of players that have tried to access the event quests just got the message that the event has been canceled. The issue is likely the result of server problems. If that is the case, then the developers will probably fix it soon.

Monster Hunter World Event Quest Issues Causing Problems
Monster Hunter World Event Quest Issues Causing Problems

Monster Hunter World is now available for everyone to play. The rich, detailed, and challenging game released to glowing reviews, and the gaming community seems to love it, too. That goes double for the long-time fans of the series. Monster Hunter World is the first game in the franchise in a while that really brings it to the modern era of gaming. We’re having fun with it, too, and you can check out some of our articles about it, such as How to Play Expeditions in Multiplayer and Investigate Unknown Monster Tracks Quest.

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That being said, it seems that the game is not without its little hiccups. Specifically, event quests in Monster Hunter World have been causing trouble. Many players have reported that they can’t access event quests. They keep getting the message that the event has been cancelled. It appears that the cause of the issue might be the servers not working properly just yet. No doubt, Capcom will fix this as soon as possible. It’s growing pains of a new game, I guess.

How to Solve Event Quest Issue in Monster Hunter World?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a solution for this problem. The thing is, since it’s likely a server issue, it’s up to the developers to patch it up. That being said, there might be an error on your part, as well. You need to check if you’re in an online session, because, if you’re not, you can’t play event quests. Quit to the main menu, then select Start Game. Pick your character / save file, then set up an online session. This might solve the problem for you.

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    I wish I could connect to the network server. Keeps giving me error code: 70a-MW1

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