Monster Hunter World Gourmet Shroomcap Locations - Fungal Flexin

Gourmet Shroomcap is an item in Monster Hunter World. It can be found in several places across the Ancient Forest, and you’ll need it to finish the Fungal Flexin main quest. A lot of players, especially newcomers, are having trouble finding the mushrooms, so we’ve decided to write a guide with Monster Hunter World Gourmet Shroomcap locations.

Where to find Gourmet Shroomcap in MHW?

The Gourmet Shroomcaps can be harvested from Unique Mushroom Colony nodes, of which there are several in the Ancient Forest. The nodes are marked on the map with purple question marks. There are three in sector 11, one in sector 8 and one in sector 9. After you’ve wrung them dry, leaving the area and returning will restock them.

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Once you’ve collected all the mushrooms you need, you can complete the Fungal Flexin quest and continue with the story. If you discover any more locations where these elusive shrooms can be picked, feel free to share them in the comments, and we’ll add them to the list.

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  1. A

    Sector 11 seems to be the key area here. After some pathing on branches I located at least 5 of the required nodes. (I collected the sector 8 and 9 one first, so there may be more than 5 in the area!)

  2. J

    There are a few in area 5

  3. A

    I found a great many in the upper section of area 4 and throughout in 5

  4. C

    I found many at area 5 guys

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