Monster Hunter World How to Play Expeditions in Multiplayer

Monster Hunter World expedition mode can be played in co-op multiplayer, just like quests. The solution for playing expeditions with friends in Monster Hunter World isn’t immediately apparent, though. It is somewhat obtuse, but not too difficult to go on multiplayer expeditions. That being said, here’s how to play Monster Hunter World expeditions in multiplayer with friends.

Monster Hunter World How to Play Expeditions in Multiplayer
Monster Hunter World How to Play Expeditions in Multiplayer

How to Play Monster Hunter World Expeditions with Friends?

There are two ways to play Monster Hunter World expeditions in co-op multiplayer with friends. The first method is the easier version. The first thing you need to do is to team up with friends and complete a quest together (for more info, check out our Monster Hunter World – How to Play Together with Friends article). Once the quest is over, you’ll need to opt to return to a camp, and not the hub. Use R3 to choose between the destination that you all want to return to. Make sure that everyone in the party does the same. This should land you into the expedition together.

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The second method is a little more complicated, but it can work. It involves using the SOS flare. Once you’re on an expedition, have all of your friends around the quest board at the ready. Send out the flare, and they’ll be able to find the distress signal on the board and respond. This method has been kinda wonky, but that might be due to servers. There are a few other important points to cover. One, it seems that co-op can’t happen on the first expedition. Second, the expedition you want to go on has to be unlocked for everybody.

Monster Hunter World is now live world-wide, and we’re having a blast playing it. For more info on the game, you can check out some of our articles, such as Monster Hunter World How to Hide Helmet & Turn Off Head Armor and Monster Hunter World How to Change Appearance & Gender.

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