Monster Hunter World Scavantula Locations - Where to find purple spider

Scavantula is part of the endemic life in Monster Hunter World. It’s a fairly large purple spider that feeds on carrion, and a bounty for the Endemic Life Researcher will task you with capturing five of them. While they’re large when compared to normal spiders, they’re actually pretty small. They also blend in with the environment really well. That’s why we’ve decided to write a guide in which we’ll show you Monster Hunter World scavantula locations.

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monster hunter world where to find scavantula
Monster Hunter World Scavantula Locations

Where to find scavantula in MHW?

The scavantula feeds on carrion, which means you can find them around pretty much every bonepile in Rotten Vale. Before you approach the node, make sure you equip your Ghillie Mantle – the spiders will scatter if you approach them without it. Get closer and use your capture net to grab as many as you can before they scuttle away.

Since you need only five of them, you should be able to complete the bounty by visiting two or three bonepiles. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to teleport away then return, or wait somewhere for the bugs to respawn. When you return to the provision center, you’ll receive 400 research points, as well as a First Wyverian Print.


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