Monster Hunter World Herbivore Egg - Gettin' Yolked in The Waste Quest

Herbivore Egg is an account item in Monster Hunter World. A couple of them star in a delivery quest called Gettin’ Yolked in The Waste, in which the Meowscular Chef asks you to transport two eggs to an item box in a camp. The nest you’re supposed to rob can be difficult to find, which is why we’re going to help you with this Monster Hunter World Herbivore Egg locations guide.

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monster hunter world herbivore egg locations
Monster Hunter World Herbivore Egg – Gettin’ Yolked in The Waste Quest

Where to find herbivore eggs in MHW?

The quest will take you to Wildspire Waste. Get to the Southwest Camp (the one in sector 1) and head east. Hug the southern border as you go along, until you reach a herd of Apceros. They look terrifying, but they’re the herbivores from the title – they’ll leave you alone as long as you leave them alone. However, you need their eggs.

Move behind them, and you’ll spot a couple of nests. This is where you need to snatch the eggs from. If you have a Ghillie Mantle, you should put it on before you grab an egg. It will make you all but invisible to the monsters, letting you walk back to the camp in peace.

If you don’t have it, you’ll need to fight. Kill the group near the nests and grab the egg. You’ll have to carry it in both hands, so you won’t be able to fight anymore. Once you’re halfway to the camp, another group will charge you. You’ll need to avoid them – if they hit you, they’ll break the egg. It will probably take you several tries, but in the end, it’s not a tough task.