Monster Hunter World How to Mount Monsters

Mounting monsters in Monster Hunter World can be an important trick to master. Jumping onto a Monster allows you to get in some pretty good damage with relative safety. Of course, it’s not easy to jump onto a monster in Monster Hunter World. It can vary drastically from creature to creature. That said, here’s how to mount monsters in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World How to Mount Monsters
Monster Hunter World How to Mount Monsters

How to Jump On / Mount Monsters in Monster Hunter World?

To mount monsters in Monster Hunter World, you need to first find yourself on a vantage point above the monster you want to jump on. You can achieve that in several different ways. The easiest way, of course is to find yourself some high ground from which you can jump onto the monster’s back. Later on in the game, you can unlock the Master Mounter skill, which makes this feat easier. If you really want to be flashy, you can even have a fellow hunter smack you into the air, and then land on the monster’s back. Just… practice that a bit before you try. If you’re on a relatively low ledge, just above the monster, you don’t even have to jump off. Time your attack just right, and you’ll find yourself on the monster’s back.

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Anyway, once you find yourself at a good vantage point, jump off and press attack to execute a jumping attack. Do it just right, and you’ll be on the monster’s back. The body parts you can mount are commonly the head, back, or tail. That varies from monster to monster, though. Once you’re on the monster, the game will prompt you to attack, so keep mashing that attack button to do damage. The monster won’t just sit there and take it, of course. They’ll try to shake you off, and whenever the game prompts you to hold on, do so. Sometimes, you’ll also have to move from one mount point to the next to avoid the monster body-smashing you into something. Also, be very mindful of your stamina gauge. When you run out, back to the ground you go.

How easy mounting a monster will be varies from monster to monster, of course. However, it’s a fairly useful tactic, since you can do a fair amount of damage to the creature. If it works really well, the monster will fall to the ground, allowing you to dish out even more damage. So, there you go. For more info, please check out some of our other Monster Hunter articles, including Monster Hunter World Xbox One Preload Problems & Workarounds, Monster Hunter World How to Change Appearance & Gender, and Monster Hunter World How to Play Offline / Single Player.

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