Monster Hunter World How to Pause in Single Player

Monster Hunter World can be played both in coop and solo. If you play with others, you won’t be able to pause, naturally. The upside is that your teammates can protect you while you take a bathroom break. However, when you’re playing solo, things are much more difficult. There’s isn’t a pause option, but there’s a way around the issue. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to pause in singleplayer in Monster Hunter World.

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monster hunter world how to pause game single player
Monster Hunter World How to Pause in Single Player

How to pause when playing solo?

The rules are the same like in coop – there’s no pause button to help you escape danger. Time keeps passing when you open up the menu, which means each time you want to take a break, you’ll have to return to a safe space, or accept the constant danger.

Thankfully, there’s a way around the issue. Some Playstation owners claim pressing the PS button paused the game, while others say the game continued to run even while they were in hte PS menu. Others mention disconnecting the controller as a potential solution.

The only reliable way to pause we’ve found was to put your console in sleep mode. The hibernation feature froze the game in the exact same space and time we left it in, which practically allowed us to pause the game during quests and such. If you find a better solution, feel free to share it in the comments, and we’ll add it to the article.

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  1. T
    Thomas Daly

    Just tried turning off the conrtroller and opening the PS menu. None of them paused the game.

  2. C

    Lots of misinformation running about this. The ONLY way to pause the game currently is to put the PS4 into rest mode or to launch another app (like Netflix, Hulu, etc) that causes the game to be suspended. Pressing the PS button does NOT pause the game. Turning off the controller does NOT pause the game. There are NO pause options on the in-game menu.

    Honestly it feels like a step back for monster hunter to me. Part of the reason I enjoy series is that I can do it in small bites while working on other things. I realize this version is on console and not a portable system but I don’t think that is a good excuse.

    What’s confusing is that the developers obviously built the game to allow for suspension of the game and coming back – why can’t they just put a pause option in the game itself that emulates the same thing?

    1. A

      I agree, whoelheartedly. Father of a 7 week old. Get some playtime, no problem – but I want to be as ready as can be when my attention is required. I know the sleep mode works, but it’s clunky at best.

  3. M
    Mark Chamberlin

    Definately works by putting in sleep mode on PS4. I did it by accident thinking the mission time would be up but it stopped the clock.

  4. A

    Just found out if you trim a video in captured gallery, it pauses the gane and puts you in offline mode.

  5. N

    Big thanks for this! As someone who gets interrupted from time to time to help the family out it’s great to have an option that doesn’t waste 30 mins of chasing a dragon around.

  6. C

    This is Capcom for you, they don’t listen to their fans, they do whatever they want. That’s why Capcom in general is a pretty crappy company.

    1. P


      I started up the game and tried to pause it and am like WTF, why can’t I pause?!?? Dumbass devs

  7. C

    It is absolutely ridiculous to have no pause mode while in a single player game!
    Capcom are idiots.

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