Monster Hunter World Xbox One Preload Problems & Workarounds

Monster Hunter World is going to be released worldwide at different times. Some areas already have it, others will have to wait for another dozen or so hours. Playstation 4 players have already preloaded the game, but Xbox One owners seem to be having trouble. The preload has gone live, but it’s not working as intended. Most players are just getting around 100 MB of data, after which the download stops. Luckily, there’s an easy workaround to let you preload Monster Hunter World on Xbox One.

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monster hunter world xbox one preload
Monster Hunter World Xbox One Preload Now Live

How to preload Monster Hunter World on Xbox One?

First of all, you should try downloading the game regularly. If it ends up getting stuck at 100 MB, simply uninstall, then install again. The second try will get past the invisible barrier and download the full 13+ GB of data. This will allow you to start playing the game as soon as it launches, whenever that may be in your time zone. Don’t be surprised by the small file size – that’s actually all there is to it. We don’t know how the developers managed to stuff so much game into so little space, but they did.

When you start, you’ll have to go through a long, hefty tutorial – Monster Hunter World is much more accessible than its predecessors. You might even wonder, after an hour or so of play, how to get preorder bonus items you’ve rightfully earned by purchasing the game ahead of release.

The review embargo has been lifted, so you can now read about the game all around the internet. The consensus is that it’s a marvellous experience, much easier to get into than previous ones, but no less engaging. You’ll decide for yourself soon enough, but at the moment it seems like you haven’t wasted your hard earned money after all.

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