Monster Hunter World Mosswine Hide Location

Mosswine Hide is an item in Monster Hunter World. It’s the skin of a Mosswine, an elusive beast that can be found in only a handful of spots in the Ancient Forest. You’ll need the hide for a special delivery request, called Mushrooms: Nature’s Smelly Bounty. Once you’ve delivered the item to the Resource Center, you’ll get a King Truffle ingredient. Since the piglet is pretty hard to find, we’ve decided to write a Monster Hunter World Mosswine Hide location guide.

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monaster hunter world mosswine hide location
Monster Hunter World Mosswine Hide Location

Where to find Mosswine in MHW?

The Mosswine lives in the Ancient Forest. It’s a rare breed, so we’ll mark the exact location where we found it, in the northeastern part of the area. You’ll need to go high up into the boughs – the beast is in zone 15. It’s pretty easy to kill, especially with a heavy weapon – it’s susceptible to being stunned after several consecutive hits to the head.

Once you’ve rid the world of the nasty thing, just go back to Astera and talk to the Provisions Manager. Choose the option to complete deliveries, then pick the one with the Mosswine Hide – Mushrooms: Nature’s Smelly Bounty. You’ll need to throw in 100 research points as well.

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