Monster Hunter World How to Hide Helmet & Turn Off Head Armor

You’ll probably spend a lot of time customizing your character in Monster Hunter World. After painstakingly tweaking the facial features, hairstyle and other parameters, it’s a shame to let your creation be hidden behind a helmet the entire time. The armor in MHW is cool and all, but some people just prefer having their face on display. Thankfully, there’s an option that lets you hide your headgear without losing the stat bonuses and other benefits it provides.

How to turn off helmet in MHW?

In order to turn off your helmet, you’ll need to go to the menu. Keep in mind that this won’t pause the game, so make sure you do it somewhere safe. Once the menu is open, go all the way to the right and choose System (the icon with the two cogwheels). Pick the top option, which is called Options.

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When the next menu opens, stay in the first tab (the icon with the wrench and screwdriver in front of a cogwheel). The third line from the top shoud be Head Armor. Select that, and you’ll be presented with three options, all pretty self-explanatory: Hide, Show and Hide in Cutscenes Only. Make your choice and close up the menu.

And that’s it. Your helmet won’t stand in the way of your beautiful visage, and you’ll still get enjoy the benefits of having a bucket on your noggin. If you aren’t all that satisfied with how your character turned out, you can change your appearance to some extent. The game allows you to change your hairstyle, eyebrows, facial hair and makeup this way, so there’s a lot of leeway.

Having the ability to customize your looks and choose whether to show off your headgear is useful, no matter whether you’re playing solo offline, with friends or completely random strangers.

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