Monster Hunter World - How to Play Together with Friends

Monster Hunter World allows you to team up with friends, not just random strangers. Playing with friends in Monster Hunter World can be arranged in several different ways. You can send up an SOS flare, or join a party for a quest or expedition. There are some strange limitations to this, though, which can cause some confusion. To hopefully help you out, here’s our guide on how to play with friends in Monster Hunter World.

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Monster Hunter World - How to Play Together with Friends
Monster Hunter World – How to Play Together with Friends

How to Call Friends with SOS Flare in Monster Hunter World?

Once the option becomes available, you can use an SOS Flare to summon help with a monster you might be struggling with. That also goes for your friends. However, the important point to bring up is that one of you has to be outside of the quest. If both of you are on the quest, and one of you answers the SOS call, the quest will reset for the player coming to help. Instead, it’s probably best if the player that wants to join in via SOS to stand guard at the Quest Board, in order to see the plea for help in time. This goes for both expeditions and quests.

How to Join a Monster Hunter World Party?

The easiest way to do this is to post a quest in a lobby session. Anyone in the same lobby can then see your posting and join up. Of course, the situation is even easier if you and your friends are in the same squads. But, anyone that’s in the same lobby can join up, so make sure that you and your friends are in the same session.

On the other hand, there appear to be some restrictions to joining somebody else’s quest. For one, you both have to have watched the same cutscene leading up to the hunt. Only if you have the same cutscene watched can you join in. So, if the game isn’t letting you join up, you might not have progressed far enough. So, make your way to said monster reveal cutscene, and either join your friends (this might restart some of your progress), or have them join you. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t redo any Assigned Quests, unless you join in with somebody who hasn’t beaten it yet, in order to help them out. It’s weird, but what can you do?

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