Monster Hunter World Weapon Breaking, Sharpness & Durability

The weapons in Monster Hunter World are prone to breaking. They lose durability when you use them, becoming worse with every swing. When a weapon looses all its durability (or sharpness, as MHW calls it), it will break. It’s important to keep them in working condition, especially when you’re after a big monster. You can’t afford to end up with a dull weapon in the middle of a battle. That’s why we’re going to tell you all about Monster Hunter World weapon breaking, sharpness & durability.

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monster hunter world weapon breaking durability sharpness
Monster Hunter World Weapon Breaking, Sharpness & Durability

Why are MHW weapons breaking so fast?

The early weapons in Monster Hunter World are designed to break easily. It’s supposed to nudge players to invest into upgrades that improve sharpness, and get better weapons as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can use whetstones to restore some and keep your tools from breaking apart.

The longsword is especially prone to breaking, so you should probably avoid it in the beginning. Another trick to prolongue the life of your weapon is to carefully watch what happens when you hit a monster. If it bounces off the beast, that means you’ve hit a particularly hardy spot. This will take twice the sharpness of a regular hit, so make sure you don’t repeat them. When you discover such a spot on a monster, avoid hitting it. It will speed up the hunt, and save you some weapon durability.