MHW Iceborne Dragonbone Artifact Locations

Dragonbone artifact is one of the rarest bone-type items in Monster Hunter World. It’s a crafting material that was introduced in the Iceborne expansion. It is said these bones come from an unknown Elder Dragon that once roamed the frozen wastest of Hoarfrost Reach. You’ll need it if you want to get some of the best equipment the snowy DLC has to offer, so be prepared to farm. This guide is going to show you all Monster Hunter World Iceborne Dragonbone Artifact locations, in order to help your dreams come true.

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monster hunter world iceborne dragonbone artifact locations
MHW Iceborne Dragonbone Artifact Locations

Where to find Dragonbone Artifact in MHW?

Thankfully, these bones come from a long dead Elder Dragon, which means you won’t have to hunt one to get them. Instead, you’ll find them scattered among various bone piles. How Elder Dragon bones ended up tangled with the skeletons of relatively tiny beasts is anyone’s guess, but that’s the way to obtain them. There are twenty of these resource nodes around Hoarfrost Reach, which should make the grind a lot more bearable.

mhw dragonbone artifact locations

Keep in mind there are three bone types that come from these bone piles – frozen bone, thick bone and the one you’re looking for. The last one is the rarest, so you’ll probably end up with a hefty pile of the other two in the process.

The nodes are equally divided between the two floors, but the ones on the first floor are huddled together, while those on the second are spread more thinly.

We’ll let you work out a farming tactic for yourself, since not everyone has the same tolerance for grind. Our recommendation would be to focus on the northern part of the first floor, where eight of the nodes are spread across three zones, and zone 9 of the second floor, where four of them are within spitting distance of each other.