MHW Iceborne Hoarfrost Mining Outcrop Locations - Gracium, Purecrystal

Mining outcrops are resource nodes in Monster Hunter World. There are eleven of them in Hoarfrost Reach, the new area added in the Iceborne DLC. They can yield various minerals and crystals, including Gracium, Purecrystal, Spiritvein Crystal, Eltalite Ore and Meldspar Ore. Since these materials are required to craft everything, from armor and weapons to charms and trinkets, you’ll need to amass a varying number of each. This guide is going to help you become a mining mogul by showing you all MHW Iceborne Hoarfrost mining outcrop locations.

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mhw iceborne hoarfrost mining outcrop locations
MHW Iceborne Hoarfrost Mining Outcrop Locations – Gracium, Purecrystal

Mining outcrop locations in Hoarfrost Reach

As we’ve mentioned, there are eleven mining outcrops in Hoarfrost Reach in total – four on the first floor, and seven on the second. They look like a bunch of crystals protruding from the ground, and they’re either red or blue. The color doesn’t seem to impact what you’re going to get – both can drop any of the ores and crystals native to the area. It makes things easier to remember, but it doesn’t really help when you’re after that one specific material you’re missing.

monster hunter world iceborne hoarfrost mining outcrop

The nodes are spread across the entire map, which makes farming runs more difficult to do. The long loading times mean there’s no sense in looting some of them then returning to the hub – for optimal results, you’ll have to whack every single one with your pickaxe.

You’ll find one in the southwestern corner of zone 2, and another in the corridor connecting it with zone 4. There’s one each at the north and south sides of zone 6, and another three in zone 7 – one in the western tunnel and two in the northeastern corner. On the second floor, you’ll find one in the southern part of zone 8, and three along the walls of the big chamber in zone 11.