MHW Iceborne Thick Bone Locations

Thick Bone is one of the materials in Monster Hunter World. It first appeared in the Iceborne expansion, and it is native to the DLC’s new region – Hoarfrost Reach. Like all the other bones before it, it’s a staple in armor and weapon crafting blueprints, which means one can never have too much of it. One can have too little of it, though, quite easily. If you’re one of those poor, unfortunate souls stricken by a deficit of this rare and valuable resource, keep reading our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Thick Bone locations guide and fortune shall smile upon you.

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monster hunter world thick bone locations
MHW Iceborne Thick Bone Locations

How to get Thick Bone

Like most other bones in the game, the Thick Bone is found by rummaging through bone piles. It sounds nastier than it is – these resource nodes are just skeletons of monsters that died of natural causes and haven’t yet been picked clean by other hunters. There are twenty of them in Hoarfrost Reach, probably because of the region’s unwelcoming climate. They’ll restock after a time, too, so you can effectively farm these by jumping into an expedition, doing a run around the area, then going back to the hub and repeating the process.

mhw iceborne thick bone locations

If you’re looking to optimize your farming run, it would probably be best to keep to the north side of the first floor. There are eight of them there alone – two in the northern dead end in zone 7, four in zone 6 and another two in zone 5. There are two in the south part as well, but they’re far apart from each other, and a bit too far from all the others, too.

On the second floor, you’ll find a cluster of four in zone 9, all within a dozen or so steps from each other. Two more can be found in zone 10, and an additional four in zone 8.