MHW Iceborne Frozen Bone Locations

Frozen bone is one of the new crafting materials in Monster Hunter World. It’s exclusive to the Iceborne DLC, which means it only shows up in the Hoarfrost Reach area. It is the central ingredient in a bunch of crafting recipes, which means you’ll have to collect more than a few of them if you want to complete your collection of newly added weapons and armor. If you’re struggling with getting them, this guide will help you by showing all Monster Hunter World Frozen Bone locations.

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monster hunter world iceborne frozen bone locations
Monster Hunter World Iceborne Frozen Bone Locations

Where to find Frozen Bone

The only way to get Frozen Bones is by looting bone piles. In case you don’t remember, these are resource nodes scattered around the map. Whenever you see a skeleton picked clean of meat, make sure you inspect it. They were easy to spot before, but Hoarfrost Reach has a way of hiding them proficiently. The bones are a darker shade of white than the snow, but they’re still easy to miss. Thankfully, there’s twenty of them in the new area.

mhw frozen bone locations

There’s one in zone 2, along the eastern wall. You’ll find another in the south of zone 3. Two more are in zone 5, by the east and west walls. If you’re in zone 6, you can loot four – two in the dead end tunnel in the northwest, and another two near the eastern border. The last two on this floor are in the tunnel in the north part of zone 7.

On the second floor, there are four of them in zone 8 – one in the tunnel in the south, one in the southwestern corner of the big chamber, and two in the smaller chamber to the northeast. There are four in zone 9 as well – two along the eastern wall, and two in the small corridor in the north. The last two are in zone 10, both along the north wall.