MHW Iceborne Where to Find Preorder Bonus Items & Deluxe Edition Sets

Preorder bonus items are several small DLC packs available to people who’ve preordered or bought the deluxe edition of Monster Hunter World Iceborne. They include layered armor sets, a bunch of room decorations, some commendation packs, and more. If you’re having trouble claiming these in the game, keep reading our guide on where to find preorder bonus items in MHW Iceborne.

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mhw iceborne where to find preorder bonus items
MHW Iceborne Where to Find Preorder & Deluxe Bonus Items

How to get preorder bonus items?

After you’ve installed Iceborne, load up the game. Go to any of the hubs, and head to your room. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll presume you’re going to Astera. Once inside, talk to the housekeeper – the gray tabby Palico. The option at the bottom of the menu is called Claim add-on & bonuses. Choose that one, and you’ll see a menu of all the bonus items you can get. The new ones will have yellow exclamation marks in front of them. Now simply select the stuff you want and press the appropriate button to confirm. The new items will appear in your inventory afterwards.

Now, you’re probably want to equip one of the new layered armor set – they’re both fantastic, so it’s going to be a tough choice. Keep in mind that they’ve slightly rearranged the layered armor sets menu – there are now two tabs. The left one is for normal layered armor, which is just the stuff from before Iceborne. The right one is for master rank sets, which is what they call the ones from the expansion. So the Yukumo and the Silver Knight will only appear in the master rank tab, which is on the right. The menu starts off in the left tab, so you’ll have to press R1/RB to switch over.

Yukumo set not appearing in downloads

If you’ve checked the downloads, you might have noticed the Yukumo set is missing from them. It’s no reason to be alarmed – it will appear in the game once you run it, so don’t fret.



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