MHW Iceborne Frozen Speartuna Trophy Fishin' - Freezer Ticket

Frozen Speartuna is a silly weapon in Monster Hunter World. It’s a great sword that looks like a frozen fish. You can get it after you complete the Trophy Fishin’ event quest, which will reward you with an item you can use to craft the weapon with. If you’re wondering what the sword looks like or how to get it, keep reading our MHW Iceborne Frozen Speartuna guide.

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mhw iceborne frozen speartuna trophy fishin' freezer ticket
MHW Iceborne Frozen Speartuna Trophy Fishin’ – Freezer Ticket

What to do with Freezer Ticket from Beotodus event?

This is a MR1 quest, so you’ll be able to complete it as soon as you’ve started playing the expansion. It requires you to hunt down two Beotoduses. After you’ve defeated the beasts, you’ll get a Freezer Ticket. Like all other tickets, this item is one of the crafting ingredients required for a special piece of gear. In this case, it’s a great sword called Frozen Speartuna. Go to the Smithy, ask him to forge you a weapon, pick the greatsword category and look for a big swordfish at the bottom. Yep, that’s the one.

Best of all, it’s not just a silly gag weapon. It’s actually useful, just not in Hoarfrost Reach. It does ice damage, which means that if you want to make use of it, you’ll have to travel back to warmer climates and use it on a fire-based monster. Apart from the ticket, you’ll also need a Monster Toughbone, a handful of Cryo Sacs (I have no idea how many of those actually fit in a hand, to be honest) and some Gracium.

This isn’t the only event quest available at launch that rewards you with stuff like this. There’s also the one where you capture hot spring monkeys in order to use one of them as a hat. No, seriously.


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