MHW Iceborne Monster Mantles - How to Get

Monster mantles are among the rarest materials in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. They can only be obtained from large monsters, and each one has a mantle of its own. Their drop rate is ridiculously low, and some even require you to break certain parts in order to get them. If you’re wondering how to get monster mantles in MHW Iceborne, then this guide is for you.

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mhw iceborne monster mantles how to get
MHW Iceborne Monster Mantles – How to Get

How to get mantles from monsters?

Some say you need to complete the optional quests tied to a certain monster before you can get its mantle, but we have no way of checking that within a reasonable time frame. What we do know is that only some mantles drop randomly – other also require you to break parts. Here’s a list of monsters which require part breaking before you even get a chance to get the mantle:

Ebony Odoragon – break head
Bazelgeuse – break back, head or tail
Tigrex – cut off tail or break head
Rathian – break head, back or tail
Rathalos – break head, back or tail
Glavenus – break head or tail
Legiana – break head, back or tail
Nargacuga – break head or tail

You could also try using the Melding Pot. The mantles cost 500 reasearch points each, and you’ll need one Celestial Wyvern Print per mantle. You can obtain them by getting lucky at the Steamworks mini game, which is a good way to convert some useless ores and crystals into stuff that’s actually desirable. The pot attendant only offered us two mantles – one for a creature with a maxed out research level, another at level 7.

If you know something we don’t, or feel we’ve missed something in the article, feel free to correct us. We’ll be updating the guide as we progress through the game and, hopefully, learn more stuff.