MHW Iceborne Poogie Outfit Locations - Dodo-ham-a

Poogie outfits are costumes for the pet pig in Monster Hunter World. Like most other things, new ones were added in the Iceborne expansion. They’re easy to unlock, available from the start, but you have to know where to look. If you want the new outfits, like Dodo-ham-a, keep reading our MHW Iceborne Poogie outfit locations guide.

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mhw iceborne poogie outfit locations
MHW Iceborne Poogie Outfit Locations

Dodo-ham-a Poogie outfit

This is the first new costume we found. The Dodo-ham-a outfit makes the piglet look like the famous extinct bird. Or at least its Monster Hunter World equivalent. In order to get this suit, you’ll have to carry Poogie around – pick it up and go to the elevator shaft northeast of the notice board in Astera. Once the controller starts vibrating, put the pig down. It’ll sniff around a bit and dig it up from thin air.

Wall of Warmth

You’ll get this one when you transfer Poogie over to Seliana. There’s a whole quest that brings the piglet over to the frosty hub, and you’ll get the outfit automatically once you complete it. It’s a warm winter jacket with a fur hood and a backpack.

mhw poogie outfit wall of warmth

Pretty in Pink

This one is in Seliana. Pick Poogie up and carry it to the stack of crates in front of the Resource Center. Once you hear snorting, put it down and it’ll find the pink costume with the bow-tie on the tail (thanks to Ty for the info).

Fluffy Fairy

This one isn’t appearing for us, but multiple people have confirmed finding it in this place. It’s in front of the entrance to your house in Seliana. The piglet will sniff it out if you bring it there.

mhw poogie outfit fluffy fairy

If you used to hunt for the old outfits, you’re probably already familiar with the process. Some of the best costumes available were obtained by lugging the hog around the hub, letting it sniff out interesting things hidden from view. My favorite one used to be Hog in a Frog, the one that turns the pig all slick and green. But the Dodo is a strong contender for top Poogie, and not just because it’s the new shiny thing.



  1. T

    In seliana there is a costume in the workshop. (Pretty in pink) and a doll next to the melder pots.

  2. T
    Tina scudder

    The pretty in pink and the fluffy fairy can be found in the same spot. There’s a spot next to the resource trio in asteria on the left for the ham one.

  3. A

    I found the fluffy fairy at the steamworks. Drop Poogie off on the right corner of the steamworks, near the right ladder, and he’ll run to the left side of steamworks and dig.

  4. C
    Cristina Reynoso Herrera

    I found the Fluffy Fairy by the Resource Center. On the left of her there’s 2 cats with a stall with monster materials. Poogie dug infront of the teeth. Infront of the entrance of our house where you posted we find the Fluffy Fairy costume I found a memorial striped Poogie doll.

  5. C
    Cristina Reynoso Herrera

    So from I’m reading in the comments it seems we find the stuff in random spots now ?

  6. N

    I actually found all of them (excluding the wall of warmth) just by the provisions stockpiler.

  7. K

    I found fluffy fairy in the little underground portion on the left side near the pile of items

  8. L

    Every time I put Poogie at the spot of the dodo ham a it always digs up a steel egg and a bounce bomb is there something I missed

    1. S

      No your not doing anything wrong it is just a random find in that spot only, i know from experience. It sometimes just takes AWHILE to find.

  9. A
    Althea Zaduren

    I can’t get the fluffy fairy. When I placed poogie in front of the room entrance, I got the poogie doll. Meanwhile, my boyfriend got the poogie doll in front of the steam works, so I guess it might just be random, or possibly story progress locked like the emperor’s new duds were.

  10. D

    The dodo-ham-a has nothing to do with the dodo bird, it is a poogie costume of dodogma, one of the monsters in the game as anyone whom has played mhw should know. My fav of the old costumes was the Deviljho costume, or the “Angry pickle” as me and my friends refer to it as.

  11. E

    I need help getting poogie in Seliana. I did the mission a while ago where poogie shows up in Seliana but after that he wasn’t there anymore. Is there a way to put him back?

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