MHW Iceborne How to Bring Poogie to Seliana

Poogie in Monster Hunter World is a piglet that you can take care of and dress in different outfits. Poogie usually hangs out in the city that you’re currently questing in. So, some players became crestfallen after going to Seliana and realizing that Poogie isn’t there. Needless to say, people have been asking how to get Poogie in Seliana in Monster Hunter World. If you’re one of them, then our MHW Iceborne How to Bring Poogie to Seliana guide is the place for you.

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MHW Iceborne How to Bring Poogie to Seliana
MHW Iceborne How to Bring Poogie to Seliana

How to Get Poogie to Seliana in Monster Hunter World Iceborne?

To get Poogie to Seliana in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, you just have to push forward through the story. Eventually, you’ll find the quest “The Thunderous Troublemaker” on the Quest Board. It’s gonna be under Master Rank -> Assigned. Basically, the story is that caravans transporting goods to Seliana can’t make their way to the city, because there’s a Fulgur Anjanath attacking them. So, it’s pretty obvious what you have to do their, right?

Once you slay the Anjanath, you’ll get a brief cutscene that’s going to show Poogie arriving in Seliana. In fact, it’s gonna show you exactly where your cute little piggy will be waiting for you. To be more specific, Poogie is gonna be just below the Resource Center, next to a Popo at the town square. So, head on over there and say hi. That’s about it. Again, all you have to do to get Poogie to Seliana in Iceborne is to complete the “Thunderous Troublemaker” quest, and the pig will arrive to the city on its own.

Incidentally, when you do get Poogie to Seliana, what you wanna do is pick it up and put it back down. It’s gonna start digging, and that’s going to unlock the Pretty in Pink outfit. For more info on those outfits, check out our Poogie Outfit Locations guide. Or, you can take a look at some of our other guides, such as Frozen Speartuna Trophy Fishin’ – Freezer Ticket and Fey Wyvern Gem Locations – How to Get.

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