MHW Iceborne Spiritvein Slogbone & Solidbone Locations

Spiritvein solidbone & slogbone are crafting materials you can collect in Monster Hunter World. They first appeared in the Iceborne expansion, but aren’t exclusive to the Hoarfrost Reach area. Both are used in some pretty high tier weapons and armor, which means you’ll need a few in order to get the best stuff. If you’re having trouble obtaining the required amounts, our MHW Iceborne Spiritvein Slogbone & Solidbone locations guide will help.

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mhw iceborne spiritvein slogbone solidbone locations
MHW Iceborne Spiritvein Slogbone & Solidbone Locations

Where to find Spiritvein Solidbone & Slogbone

The only way to get the Spiritvein slogbone and solidbone is by killing tempered monsters in the Guiding Lands. This means beating most of the game and unlocking the end-game area. After you’ve done that, you’ll have to level up an area to level 4 – any area will do – before tempered monsters start appearing. Once all the conditions have been met, all you need to do is hunt these monsters until you’ve obtained enough materials.

Keep in mind that tempered monsters leave purple tracks behind them, and the scoutflies turn blue when you investigate them. They’re more difficult than the regular versions, so you’ll have to break a sweat. On the other hand, the effort it took to get this far means you’re prepared for the challenge, so don’t fret.

Out of all the materials in Monster Hunter World, bones seem to be the most problematic. Probably because the name never indicates how it is that you’re supposed to get it exactly. This leads to a lot of bone pile looting before you realize that, yes, you’ll actually have to farm some monsters for this as well. Then comes trying to figure out which monster drops which bone. It can be a long and excruciating process. If you’re having trouble with other bones, we’ve written about monster slogbone & solidbone, frozen bone, dragonbone artifact and more.