Monster Hunter World Majestic Horn Locations

Majestic horn is a crafting material in Monster Hunter World. It’s a high rank ingredient used in several weapon and armor upgrades, and it’s pretty tough to obtain. The drop rate for it is abysmally low, and a lot of players are doubting their methods. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get majestic horn in Monster Hunter World.

monster hunter world majestic horn
Monster Hunter World Majestic Horn Locations

How to get majestic horn in MHW?

The majestic horn is a drop you can get from high rank Diablos. It’s extremely rare (reports indicate one in six kills ends with a horn drop), and it seems like you need to break both horns in order to even have a chance. If you have a Diablos investigation available, that would be the best option. If not, hunt him in expedition mode or through optional quests until you unlock the investigation. Go for captures instead of kills, since they’re faster.

The Diablos isn’t all that tought, compared to apex predators from other areas. He’s strong, and many hunters cannot withstand more than one hit from him when they first meet him. However, he’s easy to lure into a trap, which allows you to hit him freely. All you need is a reliable dodge.

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