Firmament Is The New Game From The Creators of Myst & Obduction

Cyan, the guys responsible for Myst and it’s twenty seven sequels and spin-offs (or more recently, Obduction), have announced their new project. It’s called Firmament, and it’s a “VR experience” in which you could turn out to be the owner of a magical dodecahedron that can power ancient contraptions. There’s a trailer, but it doesn’t explain much. It is pretty, though.

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firmament announce trailer
Firmament Is The New Game From The Creators of Myst & Obduction

Look, I’m going to be completely honest here. I’m not sure if it’s actually a dodecahedron. I didn’t count its planes, because that would be just rude. I made an educated guess. It might end up being a regular old decahedron for all I know. It is magical though, that much’s for sure. Just look at the pixie dust falling out of its openings and whatnot. Magic, that there.

So the trailer is pretty coy. We can see some frozen landscapes, a bunch of clockwork contraptions, and there’s an old lady talking about gateway, arrivals and such. There seem to be portals, which is par for the course in a Cyan game.

They’re billing it as a “VR experience”, which I assume means it will be built from the ground up with VR in mind. Obduction received a VR mode as an update, but a lot of people had complained that it felt tacked-on. Virtual reality enthusiasts are hoping this one will turn out better, while the rest of us just hope it’s going to have a traditional mode as well. It would be a shame to miss out on it just because you don’t like the idea of selling a kidney to finance a VR headset and an adequate graphics card.

There’s no mention of a release date, so it’s probably still early in development, but we’re hoping for more info soon.

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