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Chests and tombs are containers in Mortal Kombat X. They can be found while exploring the Krypt – inside them, you’ll find various rewards, like costumes, fatalities, brutalities, concept art and kutie icons.
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In this guide, we’ll show you the coordinates of all the chests in the Krypt.

mortal kombat x krypt chest

Chest and Tomb Krypt Coordinates

(0, 1)None4000 Koins
(-1, 2)1280Tight Squeeze(Kotal Kahn Fatality)
(1, 2)1400Skip Fight Award
Frozen Graves
(-2, 7)12004000 Koins
(-1, 11)3501000 Koins
(-2, 9)1220Outcast Erron Black Costume
(1, 6)980Tournament Kitana Costume
(-1, 8)1260Tournament Quan Chi Costume
(-1, 10)2100Endurance Cassie Cage Costume
(-1, 6)1980Soul Eater (Ermac Brutality)
(1, 7)5200Lost Girl (Kitana Brutality)
(-2, 10)4980Early Lunch (Mileena Brutality)
(1, 9)6120Blood Spurt (Johnny Cage Brutality)
(-1, 9)5040Bo Dash (Reptile Brutality)
(-2, 8)2350Play Time (Ferra/Torr Fatality)
(1, 10)1240Head Out (Ermac Fatality)
(-2, 11)2000Flick Trick (Shinnok Fatality)
(2, 10)1260Danger Fight Modifier
(0, 5)980Easy Fatality Award
(0, 11)1600Skip Fight Award
(-1, 7)1180Mileena Kutie Icon
(1, 5)NoneKung Jin Concept Art
(-1, 5)NoneErmac Concept Art
(1, 8)1320Shinnok Concept Art
Garden Of Despair
(-5, 10)1300Shirai Ryu Takeda Costume
(-8, 8)1900Boot Camp Jacqui Briggs Costume
(-8, 9)5560Inside You (Raiden Brutality)
(-8, 7)5600Have A Nice Day (Shinnok Brutality)
(-7, 7)7000Leg Up (Kenshi Brutality)
(-7, 10)5500Dry Rub (Kotal Khan Brutality)
(-5, 9)6000Twisted (Ferra/Torr Brutality)
(-5, 7)5500Beatdown (Cassie Cage Brutality)
(-5, 8)1200Tilting World Fight Modifier
(-7, 8)1520Scorpion Kutie Icon
Frigid Burrows
(1, 17)150 (timed)2000 Koins
(0, 17)1100Tournament Shinnok Costume
(1, 17)2950Kool Whip (Takeda Brutality)
(2, 16)2320Rocket Roll (Jax Brutality)
(0, 16)3200Klassic Toss (Kung Lao Brutality)
(2, 18)1970D’Vorah Kutie Icon
Reaper’s Pass
(-2, 16)1520My Puppet (Kenshi Fatality)
(-3, 17)820Tasty Treat (Mileena Fatality)
(-3, 18)590Easy Fatality Award
(-3, 16)1400Kung Lao Concept Art
(-4, 16)1300Emperor’s Courtyard Stage Music
Hollow Grounds
(-5, 22)20 (timed)2000 Koins
(-3, 19)2600Kung Lao Tournament Costume
(-6, 21)2300Face Off (Shinnok Brutality)
(-6, 20)6800Just A Scratch (Scorpion Brutality)
(-7, 20)9780Boot To Head (Sonya Blade Brutality)
(-5, 19)2700Acid Bath (Reptile Fatality)
(-4, 19)1600Quick Uppercut Recovery Fight Modifier
(-7, 21)1960Double Damage Modifier
(-4, 20)1200Kotal Khan Concept Art
(-6, 19)1990Outworld Marketplace Stage Music
Walkway Of Souls
(-17, 19)2350Raiden Tournament Costume
(-15, 19)2300Kano Tournament Costume
(-16, 20)55 (timed)Splitting Image (Sub-Zero Brutality)
(-15, 19)2600Pinned Down (Kung Jin Fatality)
(-17, 18)1350Reptile Concept Art
(-14, 19)1470Sub-Zero Concept Art
(-17, 17)2400Kitana Kutie Icon
Frost Path
(-19, 20)6800 (timed)Back That Up (Kitana Brutality)
Wolf Passage
(-19, 16)2200Wrestling Combat Fight Modifier
Cemetery Grounds
(-18, 9)1120Mileena Tournament Outfit
(-21, 8)1980Tournament Ermac Outfit
(-19, 7)2400Tournament Jax Outfit
(-19, 8)6870Little Devil (Scorpion Brutality)
(-18, 8)6570Shrapnel (Jacqui Briggs Brutality)
(-22, 7)9870Incubate (D’Vorah Brutality)
(-22, 12)7500Blood Shower (Quan Chi Brutality)
(-21, 12)8710Wow Out (Johnny Cage Brutality)
(-22, 10)7540Decapitator (Kung Jin Brutality)
(-18, 12)6140Biggest Fan (Kitana Brutality)
(-18, 11)6870Garro-That (Sonya Blade Brutality)
(-21, 9)9870Quick Draw (Erron Black Brutality)
(-19, 9)8740Hot Mess (Liu Kang Brutality)
(-19, 12)2120Bed Of Ice (Sub-Zero Fatality)
(-22, 11)2170Selfie (Cassie Cage Fatality)
(-19, 10)2540Little Improv (Johnny Cage Fatality)
(-22, 8)1840Inverted Blocking Fight Modifier
(-23, 10)540 (timed)Easy Fatality Award
(-21, 10)1120Skip Fight Award
(-18, 7)1880Dead Woods Concept Art
(-21, 7)1380Sky Temple Concept Art
(-21, 11)2010Fan Art 1 Concept Art
(-19, 11)1640Destroyed City Concept Art
(-22, 9)1650Emperor’s Courtyard Concept Art
(-18, 10)2980Krossroads Stage Music
White Lotus Temple
(-21,1)502000 Koins
(-19, 3)3240Dark Force (Raiden Brutality)
(-19, 1)2140Two Sided (TakedaBrutality)
(-20, 1)3210Grind Away (Kung Lao Brutality)
(-21, 1)2640Controlled Chaos (Ermac Brutality)
(-21, 2)440Fist Pump (Jacqui Briggs Fatality)
(-21, 3)2640Splitter (Liu Kang Fatality)
(-19, 1)900Heart Broken (D’Vorah Fatality)
(-19, 2)120 (timed)Turbo Kombat Fight Modifier
(-19, 3)780Quan Chi Fortress Concept Art
(-21, 3)1240Reptile Kutie Icon
Gallery Of Shadows
(-1, 4)1490Shadow Kung Jin Costume
(-1, 1)2750Puke (Reptile Brutality)
(-1, 4)3020Ragdoll (Jax Brutality)
(1, 4)2980Wham Bam (Kano Brutality)
(1, 1)5410Hats Off (Cassie Cage Brutality)
(1, 1)6780Skull Bash (Shinnok Brutality)
(0, 5)170 (timed)Head Cage (Takeda Fatality)
(1, 4)980Bag Of Tricks Fight Modifier
(-1, 1)1470Ferra/Torr Concept Art
Shadow Spider Kave
(7, 10)7542000 Koins
(6, 8)1320 (timed)Master And Servant Ferra/Torr Costume
(4, 2)385 (timed)Terminate (Kano Brutality)
(4, 4)7740Frozen Dinner (Sub Zero Brutality)
(3, 12)6450Half Day (Cassie Cage Brutality)
(6, 2)6520Power Outage (Raiden Brutality)
(3, 10)1550Who’s Next (Scorpion Fatality)
(6, 6)1240Lin Kuei Temple Concept Art
(7, 12)1650Fan Art 4: Raiden
Chamber Of Bones
(-7, 12)1240Kytinn Queen D’Vorah Costume
(-5, 14)5540Tele-Splat (Mileena Brutality)
(-9, 13)280 (timed)Sawed Off (Kotal Khan Brutality)
(-6, 13)7650All Is On (Kitana Brutality)
(-9, 14)2650Jax The Ribber (Jax Fatality)
The Hanging Bridge
(-5, 27)2400Ground Breaking (Jax Brutality)
(-7, 29)111 (timed)We Win (Ermac Brutality)
(-8, 25)2260Shirai Ryu Fire (Scorpion Brutality)
(-8, 27)220Six Shooter (Erron Black Brutality)
(-7, 29)600Skip Fight Award
(-6, 27)470The Kove Concept Art
(-6, 25)700Jinsei Chamber Concept Art
Kavern Of Doom
(15, 16)470 (timed)Tournament Reptile Costume
(12, 9)6960Force Slice (Takeda Brutality)
(11, 15)1500Kuatan Jungle Stage Music
Hollow Of Darkness
(9, 2)6502000 Koins
(18, 2)2140Play Thing (Ferra/Torr Brutality)
(12, 5)180 (timed)Klose Kombat Fight Modifier
(13, 4)1340Shinnok Kutie Icon
Scorpion Pit
(19, 10)50Easy Fatality Award
Elder Chasm
(20, 25)500Jacqui Briggs Kutie Icon
(13, 30)570 (timed)Serenity (Erron Black Brutality)
(18, 30)1350Both Ends (Quan Chi Fatality)
(13, 21)1120Skip Fight Award
Lost Araknia
(13, 26)6250Round About (Kung Jin Brutality)
Hall Of Araknia
(10, 27)2140Training Room Concept Art
Spider Gem Hold
(5, 21)6804000 Koins
(5, 28)210 (timed)Tournament Scorpion Costume
(5, 24)7980Kounter Top (Liu Kang Brutality)
(6, 21)8880Skull Transplant (Quan Chi Brutality)
(7, 21)3980Kamikaze (Sonya Blade Brutality)
Room Of Sacrifice
(1, 27)6320Bring It On (John Cage Brutality)
(1, 25)1320Takeda Kutie Icon
Widow’s Pass
(7, 32)5140Hands Down (Shinnok Brutality)
(5, 32)1520Sky Temple Stage Music
Kotal’s Kave
(21, 35)2502000 Koins
(21, 33)2120Gun Show (Jacqui Briggs Brutality)
Switch Passage
(6, 34)10 (timed)Refugee Kamp Concept Art
Shadow Spider’s Hive
(5, 42)1850Demon Slice (Kenshi Brutality)
(4, 39)5420Fly Swatter (D’Vorah Brutality)
(4, 41)2100Z Hat (Kung Lao Brutality)
(6, 42)550 (timed)Head Hunter (Sony Blade Fatality)
(8, 41)500Easy Fatality Reward
(8, 39)300Takeda Concept Art
(7, 42)1150Outworld Marketplace Concept Art
(6, 42)1450Jax’s Farm Concept Art
(8, 40)2310Liu Kang Concept Art
(4, 40)2100Ferra/Torr Kutie Icon
Shao Khan’s Tomb
(-4, 8)1001000 Koins
(-2, 8)9802000 Koins
(1, 6)1470Tournament Johnny Cage Costume
(1, 6)7140Pick Your Brain (Sub Zero Brutality)
(-1, 6)6450Just The Tip (Kano Brutality)
(-3, 8)5650Totem This (Kotal Khan Brutality)
(-1, 6)5150Impaler (Mileena Brutality)
(4, 8)1240Kuatan Palace Stage Music
Grotto Of Gore
(-8, 8)2100Osh-Tekk Warrior Kotal Khan Costume
(-5, 11)6650Nether Hole (Scorpion Brutality)
(-4, 10)8780Fall Guy (Johnny Cage Brutality)
(-6, 8)9630Whip It Out (Takeda Brutality)
(-4, 10)2780Conducting Rod (Raiden Fatality)
Dark Pass
(6, 17)1870Tournament Kenshi Costume
(8, 17)9630Stabby Stab (Ferra/Torr Brutality)
(-8, 17)5870Knee Kapper (Reptile Brutality)
(-7, 17)2650Flower Pot (Kung Lao Brutality)
(-6, 17)780Mileena Concept Art
(7, 17)2300Refugee Kamp Stage Music
Hall Of Betrayal
(-4, 19)9960Instant Karma (Kenshi Brutality)
(4, 19)7720Overload (Raiden Brutality)
(2, 19)1400Fan Art 2 Concept Art
(-2, 19)1650Quan Chi Kutie Icon
Lost Mausoleum
(5, -1)8602000 Koins
(3, 3)2350Kuai Liang Sub Zero Costume
(0, 3)37 (timed)Brutal Kick (Kenshi Brutality)
(5, -3)6320Glaring Light (Kano Brutality)
(0, 1)5630Heart Attack (Reptile Brutality)
(3, -1)6250Gotcha Down (Jax Brutality)
(4, 3)6420Bug Zapper (D’Vorah Brutality)
(4, -3)5580Burnt Out (Kung Jin Brutality)
(3, -3)6770Ice Cubed (Sub Zero Brutality)
(2, -3)7850Sword In The Stone (Erron Black Brutality)
(5, 3)9780Steam Roller (Ferra/Torr Brutality)
(2, 0)6650Tread Lightly (Liu Kang Brutality)
(3, 1)7100Stick Around (Kotal Khan Brutality)
(10, 3)8450Spin Cycle (Kung Lao Brutality)
(2, 3)9570Fun Ride (Mileena Brutality)
(5, 1)8650Heavy Artillery (Jacqui Briggs Brutality)
(0, -3)1980Splitting Hairs (Kitana Fatality)
(5, -3)2310Gift Of Reflect Armor Fight Modifier
(4, 0)1100Skip Fight Award
(0, 2)2280Kano Concept Art
(0, -3)1520Raiden Concept Art
(5, 3)1140Fan Art 3 Concept Art
(0, 3)1680The Kove Stage Music
(0, -1)1420Sub Zero Kutie Icon
Acid Falls
(-7, 25)92 (timed)Tournament Sonya Blade Costume
(-3, 27)8780Pop Goes (Cassie Cage Brutality)
(-3, 25)7990 (timed)Aftershock (Jacqui Briggs Brutality)
(-7, 27)6140Time Bomb (Sonya Blade Brutality)
(-7, 23)1870Quan Chi Concept Art
(-3, 23)1340Jinsei Chamber Stage Music
The Spiked Pits
(11, 15)418 (timed)Bullseye (Kung Jin Brutality)
(11, 13)1650Knife To Meet You (Kano Fatality)
Corridor Of Blood
(7, 9)6970Swing Low (Erron Black Brutality)
(4, 10)6250Acid Burn (D’Vorah Brutality)
(4, 10)8740Puggle’s Wrath (Quan Chi Brutality)
(7, 10)2220No Turtles Fight Modifier
(8,9)1100Easy Fatality Award
Kahn’s Stronghold
(1, 14)11004000 Koins
(1, 11)940Tournament Liu Kang
(-1, 14)10Dark Raiden Costume
(-1, 12)2980Dragon’s Den (Liu Kang Brutality)
(1, 14)2890Gluttony (Ermac Brutality)
(1, 12)2840Touch Of Death (Quan Chi Brutality)
(-1, 11)500Easy Fatality Award
(-1, 13)780Hand To Hand Fight Modifier
(-1, 14)750Jacqui Briggs Concept Art
(1, 13)1240Erron Black Kutie Icon
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