Destiny House Of Wolves Weapon Upgrade Paths

It’s only been a few days since update 1.1.2 has gone live, and Bungie are already discussing 1.2.0. This nice, round number hides the House Of Wolves expansion behind it, and the developers are promising it will impact all of Destiny’s player base.

destiny house of wolves legendary upgrade
They’ve already scheduled livestreams to show off upcoming content over the next few weeks. Here’s what the developers had to say about the first one:
Join us for a walking tour of the Vestian Outpost. Meet the vendors with whom you’ll trade bravery for treasure. Learn about their motivations and objectives. Creative Director Christopher Barrett will be your guide. Special community guest Gothalion will ask the questions about what the next expansion to Destiny means for all of us.
Weapon upgrade paths will be one of the main topics, and a picture they’ve shown indicates there will be a new damage cap for Legendary weapons. Exciting times. Be sure to join the first livestream on April 22nd, 11 AM PDT.

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